The Museum


Ingresso Al Museo Cristiano di Cividale del Friuli
Entrance to the Museum

Museo Cristiano was founded in 1946. Since then this museum has been housed in the rooms adjacent to the Duomo of the city.

Inside the museum, visitors will be able to find a wide collection exhibited in four rooms that consists of artifacts and works that date back the Middle Ages and the Early Modern.

In addition, the historical and artistic treasures present in the museum are part of UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cividale.

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Eventi al MuCris
Photos of the events "The Diplomacy of Art", 2022

The Museum organizes activities and cultural events* that bring people closer to art, history, and culture in general.

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* The events are usually in Italian language. 

Museo Cristiano e Tesoro del Duomo

Via Giovanni Battista Candotti 1, 33043, Cividale del Friuli, UD